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Vexing Lyrical Over Candlelight Dinners

These days folks, especially the young impressionables go gaga and wax lyrical over Candlelight Dinners – oh how romantic !

Haiz, in my childhood days, every now and then we had to do candlelight dinners, courtesy of the constitutionally-weak CEB (later known as NEB, and now as TNB), which had a tendency to black out at inappropriate moments.   Thus, a packet of candles was always kept handy to save the evening.

Sometimes when the lights went out, we could hear some “things” drop down from the underside of the attap roof.  But when the candles lit up, we did not (or rather, could not) see anything suspicious.

We went on munching,chewing and swallowing, none the worse – so long as we did not feel anything specially wriggly in the mouth.