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Can’t Get It Right? Try This..

Hmm, I have not seen nor used that L-shaped thing for a long, long time.  When I was in my LCE year in 1970, we used that quite a bit in our Industrial Arts class.   What is that ?

For folks who still are not able to get it right,  it is called a Try Square.  We used it to mark out lines on a piece of wood or board, so that the line would be at Right Angles to a particular edge of the wooden piece.

After that a hand saw was used to cut along the marked line.  Skill, determination and practice were needed to get it right.

These days, with fewer and fewer people keen on D-I-Y work, preferring swiping touchscreens with their finger tips to flexing their under-used muscles, these ‘vintage’ tools are getting rarer by the day.