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More & Less Not The Same

The external packaging looks more or less the same as before, but inside emaciation seems to have set in on our beloved sweet old thing.

In the later part of 2016, Toblerone decided to send its signature triangular-section chocolate through a “Before-and-After” slimming course in what its claimed to be a much-needed cost-cutting exercise.  So, the Swiss Alpine peaks now look more like those on the Main Range of Peninsular Malaysia.  But the valleys are now twice as wide (keeping pace with melted glaciers in real life? ).

Though one may or may not have to pay more, but one will surely get more air and less chocolate.  Sounds like a very familiar theme these days — 偷工减料,in Chinese.

I have not bought a bar of the new Tobie yet, but surely the old, better-endowed version would be missed by many.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

A flash of yellow gleam caught my eyes one afternoon while I was in the supermarket. Ah hah! Gold Coin chocolates!  Donkey years have trotted by since I last saw them – let alone ate a piece.

These were my childhood favourites.  I remember they were somewhat firm and chewy, and full of cocoa fragrance and creamy sweetness.  (No doubt they contributed sacrificially  to my early dental degradation).

Not wanting to pass up this golden opportunity, I bought a small pack of 20 pieces.  The photo shows 19 – well, the 20th piece went into my mouth for qualitative biochemical assay.  Haiz, any expectation of a resurrection of the old ecstasy was quickly smothered — all that glitter notwithstanding.   It tasted rather bland.   Maybe my ancient taste buds were not working that day.