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Putting The Good Guys Behind Bars

Some call them ‘collapsible gates’, others call them ‘scissor gates’.  At one time, these ubiquitous geometric pieces of art in steel were fashionable throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

Many shops installed these in front of their normal doors, as deterrent/protective barriers against break-ins.    Home owners too have them affixed to their front and rear doors, to keep out the bad guys and uninvited guests of dishonour.  Most of these installations were painted silver in colour, though other colours were used occasionally.

This tradition spawned a thriving metal fabrication industry, with many small workshops throughout the country enjoying brisk sales year round.

Alas, these days we see fewer and fewer of such installations for homes – perhaps they are now regarded as ‘ugly’ and ‘uncool’.  However, someone told me that this ‘Retro’ style is making a comeback.  That would be nostalgic renaissance indeed.