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Giginya Tinggal Di Luar*

My first encounters with dentures took place in the early 60s, when both my parents started to put on full sets of gigi palsu**.  It seems in those days, dental health was a problem among the folks, and sooner or later, fillings and extractions became necessary.  And before long, many teeth would be lost.

For those who previously had bad-looking teeth, dentures also provided a set of beautifully fashioned upgrade, enabling them to smile with brimming confidence.

In any case, many if not most wearers would remove their dentures for cleaning before they retire to bed,  leaving them in a glass of water.

I think these days, full dentures are a measure of last resort.  With modern dental engineering techniques,  most of the defects and wear-and-tear could be repaired without having to do extraction.

* Pun on the Malay song “Burung Kakak Tua”

** Malay word for “false teeth”

The Men With Golden Teeth

A recent visit to my dentist to get  a stainless steel crown done brought home memories of a time in the past when it was very fashionable for folks – especially the men – to have a tooth or two or several, capped or cladded in gold.

They were not the gypsies mentioned in “Love Potion No.9” but just ordinary (and rather poor) kampong dwellers.  Am not sure how the golden layer was done, but it intrigued me.   Perhaps, for most of them, they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths, so a gold-capped tooth or two psychologically placed them on even footing with the richer compatriots.

Anyway, I have not come across anyone sporting such glittering dental ornamentation in the last few decades.  I think the younger ones prefer to pierce their ears, noses, lips, etc.