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Give That Mumps A Tiger !

Mumps is a disease that attacks the saliva glands, causing swelling to the side of the face below the ears.  Fever and pain are associated with it.   It is also quite contagious.

A visit to the doctor is most advisable.   In the case of male adults, the disease could spread quickly down to the testes and cause infertility.

In the old days,  the Chinese folks – not sure about other communities – called the disease Zhu Tou Pi or Pig Head Skin.   They believed that sending a “tiger” in would eat up the rogue pig.  Hence, they would use a brush dipped in blue ink and write the Chinese character for  “Tiger” on the affected area.   But I have also seen in other cases, where a patch of blue – presumably laundry blue – was painted over the swollen area.

No need for Tiger Beer !