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Bushy Pit-Stops In Spiky Places

In my kiddo days, we never heard of Musang King, Black Thorn, Red Prawn and the whole gamut of fancy names.

Instead we preferred to buy durians from one trusted old uncle (I remember his nickname was “Kau Sai”) who always “reserved” the best fruits for us (or so, he said). Notably, he would recommend to us those with a hole gnawed through the husk by squirrels in search of their favourite meal.

Apparently our little bushy-tailed friends are nature’s king connoisseurs of the king of fruits, and they know which ones are the cream of the crop.

Folklore or ancient wisdom ?   You be the judge.

But these days, with the prevalence of animal-borne viruses that could cross-jump to humans, I would give those rodent-leftovers a miss.  I would pick up a fruit and do the sniffing myself.