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Dude Or Dud ?

Hatching and breeding your own chicken was a common practice in the good ole days. We bought fertilized eggs from special vendors, and then incubated these at home using D-I-Y incubators.  But not all of those eggs would turn out to be good.

For the first few days, we would use a torchlight to shine through the eggs and look closely for evidence of amorous fowl play — a dark spot, which would be the embryonic chick.  The absence of this would mean the egg had not been fertilized – such would be picked out and turned into omelette.  LOLZ.  

This process was called “candling” — a legacy term from the days of using a candle light.

Kids today would rarely know and have the opportunity to appreciate the fun – of separating the dudes from the duds.  Something to chuckle about.


Don’t Teach Grandma How To Salt Eggs

In the old days, many families actually “made” their own salted eggs (almost always ducks’ eggs) at home.   Each family had its own “grandma’s recipe” for the brine solution in which the eggs would be submerged for up to a month.  Besides plenty of salt, some kinds of other ingredients were added in small quantities.   To this day, I do not know what those ingredients were.

Anyone here has any recollections ?

What fascinated me was the transformation of the yolks – from thick gooey paste-like state into a relatively hard ball with a  reddish-golden glow.   I asked my grandma, “How come?”  She just said, “Whatever will be will be”.