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Wind Out Of The Box

Since time immemorial, a table-top electric fan had always been one with a 2- or more- bladed propellor-like element spinning inside some kind of circular cage (for user protection).

Then in 1968, one Australian company began to think out of the box, and launched the first-ever (so it claims) Box Fan, allowing users to be fanned with wind out of a novel boxy enclosure.

When I first encountered it, I was blown away like Donald Trump’s hair on a windy day.  The auto-gyrating front louvre was a refreshing feature, with its ability to swirl air around (360 degrees) over a much larger area, without the need for the fan head to oscillate.

Today, regrettably, Mistral has ceased making box fans.  On the other hand, hordes of other manufacturers  have sprung up to take the wind out of Mistral — box, louvre and all.