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Homes On The Range

Never mind if no buffaloes roamed and, no deer and antelope played.

But each of the 3888 units of dwelling in the 9 blocks of flats gave thousands of economically-disadvantaged folks a home.

They were tiny, averaging only 360 sq feet!   Built in the mid-to-end 1960s, the Rifle Range Flats, Penang, were the first high-rise apartments in the state.  I still remember watching intently from the adjacent Batu Gantong cemetery as the pre-cast concrete slabs were lifted up by cranes and put into place.  Many people in Penang wondered if this kind of ‘Lego block’ assembly technique was safe.

Well, half-a-century has gone by, and they are still standing there as solid as ever.  Unfortunately the super-high density design spawned many social problems that have worsened over the years.

I believe the Federal government has a plan to demolish these flats and re-develop the area.