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What’s Spook For The Goose Is Spook For The Gander

In the kampong days,  folks often reared chicken and ducks, and to a smaller extent, others like Muscovy ducks and geese.   The last of these were not to be trifled with.

Usually found sauntering around in groups, with their long necks held high and beaks pointed at 45 degrees upwards, they could be quickly provoked or startled and become fearsome Angry Birds.   Males and females were equally aggressive. They pecked and pinched with their strong beaks, causing painful blue-and-blacks and even severe bleeding.

Folklore has it that snakes are afraid of goose droppings — hence, geese were also kept to deter snakes (apart from snaky people) but it was also said that geese poo attracted centipedes.  In any case, all four are equally spooky – goose pimples forming even as I write !