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My First Gold Heist

Haiz! I missed the opportunity to partake in that momentous heist of gold – only remember that it was the first time (that I knew of) a goldsmith shop in Penang was attacked by robbers armed with pistols.

Penang folks probably recognise this shop, Nam Loong, as one of the earliest jewellers in the gold belt, aka Campbell Street.  One day, while I was maybe 6 or 7 years old, I heard that armed robbers went in and smashed up the glass showcases before scooping off everything that glittered.  Several shots were fired, though no one died.

From thence on, all the goldsmith shops in Penang had to build steel cages inside their glass showcases, in order to greatly hinder the picking up of the prized pieces in the event of another hold-up.  Am not sure if this is still practised.