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Planta of The Poor Man’s Butter

We, the poor kampong kids, relished on the slightly saltish, rich smooth taste of the yellow greasy stuff that we spread on our roti.  Added a small sprinkle of fine sugar, and wow that was a wonderful breakfast treat.   Of course, there was always that big pot of hot black coffee to turbocharge the oomph for the morning.

Butter was beyond our reach, but to us PLANTA was the “goo ewe” (牛油 – minyak lembu).  Of course these days, margarine has been vilified and many folks have been cowed into the butter camp.   Good or bad, we did not know, but when one was poor, there was no time to think.  Just opened one’s mouth big big and makan lah !

Photo shows the packaging design of the late 50s~early 60s.  Nostalgic !