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WMD – Weapons Of Mice Destruction

In our kampongs, rats and mice were everywhere.   They usually came out in strength at night to wreak havoc on any uncovered or unprotected food items.   Even leather shoes and bags, and soap (yes, they liked soap, and still do) were not spared.

At nightfall, we would set up WMDs at strategic places.   Each of these snap-traps was generously provided with a nice bait – usually a slightly roasted piece of dried sotong.

Over the following few hours, there would be a series of “snaps” and squeals, as these rogue rodents received their death sentences after foolishly biting and tugging at the baits – actions which triggered the traps.  Sometimes, the steel bar on the traps could not kill the victims, especially the bigger ones.  So we had to get up and deliver the coup-de-grace with a spear.