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We Sent Them Reeling….

But they had the last laugh..all the way to the bank…after fishing out our hard-earned money while we ‘pretended’ not to know it.   Apa nak buat ?  Life was kinda tough in those days (as compared to today) and  therapeutic hardship diversions were few and far in between.

As the poor folks soaked in their favorite reality-escape fixes and got their hallucinatory-cum-delusionary highs,  operators in the backroom were busy spinning reels of film.

No regrets though, we enjoyed many epic movies that were screened in the Rexes, Capitols, Odeons, Cathays, etc, and many people went gaga over the movie stars, both males and females.

Those were the heydays of the big-screen duo, viz., Cathay and Shaw.   Shaw was a much larger outfit, with dozens of many cinemas throughout Malaysia and Singapore.


The Greatest Mahjong Hero

This bungling accidental superman was the protagonist in the 1981-1983 TV Series, starring the Maggi-noodle-haired William Katt.   He was supposed to be The Greatest American Hero, but I have always wondered what that big red character was doing on his chest.

Didn’t the Americans know that it is the word “Centre” in Chinese ?  中 ?  Which made him look like a China hero, or could I assume that this fella was an incurable mahjong addict, who went for 红中 – that brick that shows a red letter “centre” ?  Some kind of trump card – or trump brick in this case ?