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What The Ducks Are These?

That is the red-faced question.

In my kiddo days, there was a breed of ducks which had red faces. We called them “Huan Arr” in Hokkien (or, barbarian ducks).  They were bigger and heavier than the regular “civilized” variety and, they could FLY !  So, we had to clip their wings to prevent unauthorized take-offs.

Folks said the meat of these ducks were “toxic” (in TCM terminology). A cross-breed between these barbarian ducks and regular ducks produced something called “Pua Chai Huan” (half vegetable barbarian)…and if I remember correctly, it was a delicacy.

I have not seen either the pedigree or the mix-blood type after I left my kampong in 1973.  Does anyone else have any recollection of these?

Some people call these “Manila ducks” – I have no clue as to its origins.  The Malay name is “Itek Serati“.  But the proper name seems to be “Muscovy Ducks”.