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Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself

In the beginning, when life was breathed into Rukun Tetangga there were no fancy “misi” nor “visi” statements – it was just a plain “Neighbourhood Watch” to help combat nocturnal criminal propensities.

In 1978, I lived in a rented house in Section 17 of PJ with several MU classmates.  One day we were notified by the authorities to report for duty, and that set us off on our night patrols.

Our equipment was simple : some big sticks and a couple of torchlights, and sometimes a can of Baygon spray to ward off mozzies. No swanky  boleros with reflective strips or red arm-bands.

Initially, it was fun, especially getting to know the jiran-jiran. Later on, it became boring, and we often sneaked away to snore in some dark corners — and love ourselves as our neighbours slept peacefully.

note : 

some words used here are in the Malay Language, viz., “misi”, “visi” and “jiran-jiran”..which mean “mission”, “vision” and “neighbours”