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“A Star Is Born”

That was the excitement back in 1971, when the nation’s first tabloid, The Star, was released into circulation in Penang.

It delivered a much-needed refreshing break from the stoic, stolid, long-winded reporting style that was built into the DNA of the two established publications, viz.,The Straits Times and The Straits Echo. 

Reading was crisp and delightful.  Perhaps The Star people were early recognizers of the ADHD* phenomenon.  And the tabloid size was more humanly-sized as compared to the older fit-for-gorilla broadsheet format.  

Oh, I need to mention that there were also a lot of wild, racy photos of pretty women in all kinds of seductive dressing.  Over the years, however, the new kid on the block has mellowed a lot and has evolved into a more sombre and serious news medium

*note : ADHD refers to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder