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Happiness Came In Nine Layers

Remember the traditional Nine-Layer Kueh (九层糕) ?  

When we were kids, these came with alternate layers of light pink and magenta, topped by a cover layer of strong red. Sweet, slightly chewy and lemak, these were well loved by everyone.  I think they were made from a mixture of rice flour, tapioca flour and cornstarch.

One of the favourite ways of eating was to peel off layer by layer – somehow it added more fun.  And we often we would put a light pink layer on our tongues and let it hang out like that of a dog, and showing off to our siblings.   Woof ! Woof !

These days, the Nine-Layer Kueh has acquired a whole gamut of colours, to the extent that it is rather hard to find the original version.  And they are nowhere near as tasty !