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Flight Of The Winged Horse

Before the days of Petronas, there were 4 oil companies peddling their oil (not snake oil) in Malaysia, namely Shell, Esso, Caltex and Mobil.

I remember Mobil best, because it had the most number of top-up stations in Butterworth. Later when our family moved to Penang Island, there was one station just two streets away from the location where we put up – I became a regular customer.

But since some years ago, Mobil became absorbed by Exxon, and one-by-one, the familiar winged horse, Pegasus, took flight and disappeared. This Minyak Kuda ‘dah terbang and lesap! 

The youngsters of today would not know what Mobil is.  Well, Indonesians will think you are talking about the car.

These days, I think Esso and Shell are also walking on slippery slopes … maybe they have already been pumped out of Malaysia.