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Olden Day No-Fly Zones

Back in the old kampong, wherever there was food, the environment would be abuzz with houseflies. 

Thus in every household there would be at least one food cover – usually a large one with a diameter of about one yard – to enforce a No-Fly Zone against the airborne invaders.

In those days, these covers were usually made of rattan, though some wire-mesh types were also available. 

Ever since moving out of the kampong, I have seldom seen such covers.  Perhaps, the general hygiene of the environment has been greatly improved, and thus houseflies have found it hard to eke out a living, and called it quits.

There are modern types that are made of plastic material, and have some degree of transparency.  Too bad for the flies – can see, can smell but cannot get to eat.

Headstart On Safety

Long time ago, almost all motorcyclists in the country rode around with wind in the hair.   Foolish exuberance or headstrong foolhardiness ?  No one bothered to think about it.  That was, until 1973, when a law was enacted to make wearing of helmets compulsory.

If I remember correctly, Expandite was the first off the mark, and produced a “half-shell” model, with the memorable bird logo (I thought it was a penguin).   Got SIRIM approval some more!  But to many people – I included (was a handsome 18 then) – it was Ugly !  No way that white tempurong was going onto their heads.

So despite the headstart it got, Expandite soon ran into strong headwinds posed by other mighty brands like Centurion, Shoei, etc.