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Doors That Slammed Into Your Face

What could be worse than having doors slammed in your face ?  Well, doors that actually slammed INTO your face.

Decades ago, before the advent of air-conditioning, entrances of places like cafes, barber shops, doctors’ consultation rooms, etc used to sport half-height “saloon doors” that were suspended mid-height on door frames with double-swinging hinges.

Of course, we always saw those in cowboy movies — bars and saloons — where inevitably some rogue or hero would swing open the doors and start emptying his Colt 45 revolver in anger.

As a kid, I learned the very hard way to maintain at least half-a-door width distance when following behind any adult through those saloon doors ; otherwise the latter could well smash into my face as they oscillated back and forth. (It happened a couple of times).

Ouch, is that why my nose is so flat? LOL