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‘Twas Cool To Stick Rice On Your Face

Ah yes, the Bedak Sejuk!

Mums and Grandmas used to make this at home.    When we were kids, our mothers applied this pasty powder onto our faces and bodies after a bath, to keep us cool, and free from skin irritations. It was also especially good for teenagers grappling with acne problems.

Recipe : Plain rice was immersed in water for several months – with periodic changes of water in between – until the rice was fully hydrolysed and broken down into a fine paste. (The old water at each change stank like a rotting corpse though). After the final water rinse, the paste was then mixed with pandan leaves and then sun-dried.

For use, we just had to add water to a few lumps, and rub them into a paste.  Is this practice still cool today?  I think it is not.