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Bloat Bloat Sotong

Long before the phrase “Blur Blur Sotong” was freely and murkily squirted everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore,  there was this Sotong Kembang or Re-hydrated Dried Squid.   The fauna component of the famous duo in Sotong Kangkong.

Nowadays we can buy them readily in the markets.  Long ago, we made these at home. It was fascinating to see how a dried squid — thin, flat and hard — expanded and bloated into a rubbery mass double its original size, after soaking overnight in alkaline water.  Amazing, to an inquisitive boy.

Members of the family would relish on that sumptuous treat once the flora complement — kangkong — got into the dish with the addition of the sauces, topped with sesame seeds.

As for me, I always avoided the tentacles — yucks, they looked like lizards’ tails !