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Royal Soap Opera

My first encounter with this rather “upmarket” soap was probably in the 1970s.  I vaguely remember that it had a unique fragrance that was unlike those from the other contemporary plebeian types like Lux or Palmolive.

Looking at the name, my initial reaction was “Hah!, someone spelled ‘Lather’ wrongly”.  This was soap, wasn’t it?  And “soap = bubbles = lather”.  How can it be leather?  Perhaps the maker was some thick-skinned member of aristocratic descent who did not know his spelling.

Quirky thoughts aside, I have not used this sabun for a long time. I hardly see any modern specimen on the shelves of supermarkets or kedai-kedai runcit or convenient stores.

Maybe the name is plainly too out of touch with modern aspirations, or other more attractive soapy enticements have lured away present day consumers.