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Tonic Chap Singa

Everyone knows T-O-N-I-C Tonic Chap Gajah, but what about Tonic Chap Singa ?   No kidding !

For those who can recall, the bottle came with a blue cap (see photo ). It was reputed to have some medicinal properties and was good for removing “heatiness” from the body, but it was bitter and not popular.   Rarely did this drink feature on the must-have festive season beverage lists.  Happiness and Bitterness don’t go together, I suppose.

Not sure if F&N still markets this drink.

To sidetrack a bit, I had a Hokkien-speaking colleague from Muar who went to Penang to work.   He went to a coffeeshop and asked for “tau nee”, and was served this Tonic.  Apparently he did not know that in Penang, we call soyabean milk “tau chooi”.