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No Stopping ‘Em, Come Fire Or High Water

It has been that way for the last 110 years.  This UNESCO Heritage-class icon – the Beach Road Bomba, Penang (at the junnction with Chulia Street) was erected in 1908.  We salute the brave men who have risked limb-and-life in the service of the people.

My late mum had a friend whose husband was a fireman at this station. The family lived in the housing block just behind the main building.  We visited them several times during my kiddy days. 

It was interesting to see the guys practise on the rolling out of flexible hoses and connecting them to pipes, and also how they slipped down “quick-access” poles into the Vehicles Bay in times of emergency calls. 

Besides handling fires, these guys had a good number of calls for catching snakes, rescuing people who fell into wells, and other disasters, etc.