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Playing Chicken In The Bridal Chamber

Decades ago, it was a tradition among the Chinese to engage in fowl play as part of the wedding ceremony for a newly-married couple.

After the formalities were done at the groom’s place, the wedding party would go to the bride’s home for the rituals at the maternal side. Accompanying their return to their matrimonial home would be a rooster and a hen, which would then be released under the newly-weds’ nuptial bed.  If the rooster emerged first, that “augured” the first-born child would be a son, if the hen came out first, then a daughter.

In Chinese these are called 带路鸡  (or ‘chua lor kay’ in Penang Hokkien)

These days I believe most couples would chicken out at the prospect of having two live specimens foul up their love nest; don’t worry there are lots of mock ones available.

Kueh Sera Sera…

In those days in Penang, it was customary in Chinese weddings for the bride’s entourage to accompany the bride to the groom’s house for the second half of the ceremonies, and the traditional nonya kueh reception. Various kinds of local delicacies such as the nine-layer kueh lapis, pulut inti, bingka, etc, would be served. Each kueh type was cut into a parallelogram shape and arranged in a star pattern on a plate.   Wonder if the practice is still observed.

Oh yes, the must-have F & N Red Lion fizzy drinks too.

It was a bit hard to accurately estimate the number of guests who would turn up, and if there was enough kueh to go round.   My sweetheart asked me, and I said, “Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be”.

Note : photo from my own wedding