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Pouring Cold Water Onto Ourselves

Long before the fad of Ice Bucket Challenge came and went, kampong kids like me were already well into pouring cold water on ourselves to kick off an enthusiastic day.

True enough it was not ice-cold, but water drawn from a well in the pre-dawn hours was refreshing enough to get body and mind ready for school.   A cool start, perhaps.

We did not have tap water and electrical water heaters were unheard of.  No one caught a chill and no one fell sick.  Even my late granny did not use any hot water for her baths until she was close to 70. 

Looking back, modern folks these days are really too pampered.  On the other hand, they are missing out on a lot of fun from getting closer to nature.  

Served By The Well

In the old village where I grew up there was no tap water for homes, except for the few houses that lined the main road.   However, our drinking and washing needs were well-served.   Each house had its own well – no need to pay any bills and unlimited usage !

Everyone took cold showers by pouring pail after pail of water over the head, but no one fell sick.  For cooking, we would pass the well water through a sand filter first.

During the dry season, sometimes the water level dropped to less than a bucket height.  But in the rain season the water level rose up to almost floor level, and often we got ‘cacing’ (worms) as long as 6 inches in the water.