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Escape From Sea Of Misery

It was not quite as fascinating as Jason’s Odyssey but for an ancient set of walking fossils like me – or whatever remains of a body after 6 decades on planet Earth – these vintage Japanese analgesic plasters have provided legendary relief from the aches and pains all over.

For those who read Chinese, the name is “Tuo Ku Hai” – meaning escape from the sea of misery.  What an insightful name !

Tokuhon came into my life at a very young age.  After a game of badminton, or a day’s work of sawing firewood for the family, my arms would ache at night, and dad was ready with his favourite patch-up job using pieces of this Japanese wonder.  From there, the old habits stuck on for life.

There were also other lesser known ones such as Tohtonku, but I remember Tokuhon best.