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Green Green Bus Of Home 2

I called Butterworth home, from the day I was born till sometime in 1973.   And the most common public transport for the folks at that time were the buses of UTC, or United Traction Company.  The photo shows the livery as I had known it in that phase of my life – a mixture of Green plus a Dark Blue section towards the back.  We called it the “Chairne Kar” or green vehicle.

There were direct services from Mitchell Pier (later, Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim) to Bagan Ajam (my village), Teluk Ayer Tawar, Kepala Batas, Tikam Batu and Kuala Muda.

UTC also provided special “Bas Sekolah” versions which had a white stripe along the sides, with the words “BAS SEKOLAH” boldly printed on – only school children in uniforms were allowed onboard.

I remember UTC also ran a separate “premium” express service, which plied from Mitchell Pier to Alor Star.   The buses on this route had a distinctive Red & Beige livery.