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My Old Flame – Earthy & Fiery

The old faithful Kerosene Stove of course.   Earthy, as the fuel she used was called ‘Minyak Tanah’ which meant Earth Oil (“thor ew” in Hokkien) and Fiery, as she could burn and sizzle anything and anyone that got on top of her (literally)

It was in the mid 1960s when we made the Quantum Leap from firewood/charcoal to kerosene as cooking fuel — no more smokey fumes in a soot-coated kitchen.

The most widely used brand of stove was “Butterfly”.  As a matter of fact, I never saw any other brand.

With proper maintenance, the stove produced delightful blue flames that provided many happy hours of culinary excitement in the kitchen.  With the advent of LPG in the early 70s as the new cooking fuel, the old flames had to recede into the remote corners of memory.