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Eh-Oh! There I Go Again

This animated “3D cartoon” series, released at the turn of the century (late 1990s) quickly gained a cult status among kids and even adults.

Yes, it was the Teletubbies.  The four cutesy characters with equally chubby pot bellies in soft-toy outfits of Yellow, Green, Purple and Red were a huge draw.

Never mind if there was nothing intelligible in their “conversations” – it proved to the world that spouting gibberish could generate tons of money.  Actually the show was quite a therapeutic relaxation – especially after a hard day’s work in the office – putting the brain on idiot mode for an hour or so.

Eh-Oh!  Have I just used the wrong words?

Hah, during that time, this “Eh-Oh” exclamation became the favourite utterance in my home.   We even called each other by the names of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa and Po.