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Ada Ikan Di Sebalik Pelekat ?

Smell something fishy ?

Sometime during my primary school days, Nestle had beautiful photos of Fishes printed on the back of the labels of their Milkmaid condensed milk tins.  We took the bait, and persuaded our mums to buy Milkmaid, hoping to make a full collection – I think it was a set of 24 different fishes.  Nestle even sold a special album for us to stick the pictures on.

But often we got duplicated ones –  these were then exchanged with others that our classmates had.  Later on,  Milkmaid came out with the Birds series, Animals, etc…   I didn’t go beyond the fishes.

Later, folks realized that the scheme was a kind of Ada Udang Di Sebalik Batu, to make people buy more – but Nestle was wise enough not to have launched a Prawn series.  Otherwise, it would have been  marketing calamity. LOLX