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Morphy’s Lore Of Ironing

An electric iron  that my aunty (then staying with us) received as a wedding gift, circa 1965, probably whetted our appetite for electrical gadgets over the years that followed.  It bore the label “Morphy-Richards”.

Ah, what a breeze and delight it was to set this red baby gliding over our clothes, taking out the creases with literally no sweat! 

Temperature control allowed us to set “different heat for different pleats” and, stopped Murphy* from making an occasional inopportune triangular-shaped ventilation hole in someone’s prized shirt or skirt. 

Of course, we, the children also loved to play with this new toy as little “kaypohs” helping mummy with the ironing.

Today, Morphy-Richards has vanished from the domestic appliance scene – nobody younger than 40 years would know this name.

*note : reference to Murphy’s Law