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What The Hacks !

These days, hacks of all sorts are given out freely over the internet.  But in those good old days, Hacks were cough drops stocked in a tall red tin, that featured a semi-botak man coughing into a handkerchief.  In the 1960s, we paid something like 5 cents for 2 pieces.  

Each sweet was about the size of an olive, but flattened and packaged in a brilliant orangey-red transparent wrapper.   Deep grayish-black in colour, it delivered a mighty menthol-mint punch to soothe our tender throats which had been ravaged by frequent bouts of cough.

Over the years, milder versions were marketed – the Honey Lemon first, followed by a variety of other flavours – to serve the later generations who could not endure the rigours of strong remedies, preferring softer options instead.  Never mind, I still stick by the old.

Eh hem ! Eh hem !