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Horsing Around On Weekends

The ‘lumba kuda’ or Horse Racing calendars have been around for donkey years – or should I say, horsey years – well before I was born.

 As a kid, I wondered why there were horses on weekends, and they seemed to run from Penang, to Ipoh to KL even to Singapore.   (Amateur races also took place on some Wednesdays).

Besides showing the race days  and locations of the races,  these old time calendars also incorporated a wealth of other information, such as School Holidays, festive occasions, the Chinese as well as Muslim calendars.  Older ones in the past also incorporated information from the classical Chinese Almanac.    Often we used them as Work Planners.

Sundry shops gave these out to regular customers at the end of each year, but these days the calendars seem to have also undergone annual slimming programs – smaller in size now.