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Botak Necks – An Unfeathered Fowl Expression

When I was a kid, we used to buy fertilized eggs from a dealer, took them home and then incubated them in a home-made incubator and waited for the chicks to hatch.  Slowly, one, two…and then three,..and soon we had a small brood of cute fluffy ones running around.

Now and then, we got some chicks which had a bare zone around the neck.  Completely botak.   We called them “Japanese chicks”, but to this day I don’t know why they had this feature, nor why they were so named!   Could it be due to some Exhibitionistic traits in their DNA, traceable to ancient Japan?

I think the chance of getting one was less than 1:20, so whenever one showed up in the new batch, the siblings would often fight for the right to “own” it.