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The Net Effect

In the kampong where I lived till 1973, nightfall meant that high-flying females of the insect kind would be coming out in swarms looking for an easy meal.  

Thus, a mosquito net or kelambu over the bed was mandatory, if one was to survive the bloodshed that would have otherwise ensued, with the endless scratching, and possibility of an infection.  The net effect had desperate mozzies buzzing helplessly with envy, as their dinner and supper slept peacefully beyond their reach.

Well, some folks preferred to use mosquito incense coils, but an overnight long exposure to those toxic fumes left them half dead by daybreak. 

I have not used a kelambu for decades now – thanks to the clean environment.

But these days, China-based manufacturers have rejuventated mosquito nets with many exotic designs.  The new Net Effect  –  Romanticism by Capitalism?