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A Hair Razing Experience

Haha, the manual clipper that was the barbers’ signature tool of the trade.   I have not seen one-in  40 years.

Hard to forget that ‘tek-tek-tek-tek’ sound as the skillful hand of our favorite ‘Haircut Uncle’ clasped and released the movable handle of the tool repetitively, and guided the clipper  through hairy trails on each head.

It must have taken between 200~300 clips to groom each customer — depending on whether it was the steppes or equatorial rainforest.  Quite tiring indeed.  Anyone heard of “barber’s fingers” ailment ?

With the advent of electric clippers, it now sounds like a mini lawn mower buzzing from ear-to-ear around my head. But for a novice barber, the learning curve might be gentler.  Efficiency, however, has risen  a million-fold…much like a farmer with a sickle versus a combine-harvester.