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As Big As A Bullock Cart Wheel

That was the size of our 5-sen coin !    Ha ha !

In the days past, when I was not so old yet, this was a favorite metaphorical hyperbole to describe situations, where someone had a grossly sheepish under-appreciation of the prevailing market prices.

Do we still use this kind of expression ?

Well, for those who do not know, back in 1967 the 5-sen coin was much the same size as it is today, but it packed a much more powerful purchasing punch.  With it, we could buy 2 Hacks cough drops, or a glass of sweetened ice-water, or perhaps even a piece of ketupat.

Now ?  Five sen can buy almost next to nothing.  Even the use of a public toilet costs 30-50 sen per wee wee. Haiz.  In fact, some vendors would not even accept more than 3 pieces of 5-sen coins per transaction!