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Moon Gate

No, you won’t get to the moon via this gate,  but at least 2,723 feet closer (height of Penang Hill)

For the folks in Penang, this was kind of a challenge for all teens, to climb up to Penang Hill, via this Moon Gate (situated along the road leading to the Botanical Gardens).  The terrain up this path was quite tough.  I did that in late 1972 after the MCE exams, with a group of classmates;  we did the climb in about 2.5 hours, emerging from somewhere behind the police station (if I remember correctly).

The newer jeep road, near the entrance of the Gardens, is a piece of cake by comparison.

One day I must try again, but given my great age (am fast approaching 100 now) , I might NOT make it back to tell the story.  LOLX