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“Walk The Talk”

Here I don’t mean that mantra which all politicians, from aspiring wannabes to seasoned veterans, chant feverishly in order to look legit. (But most end up just talking).

Rather, it is about a team of talented engineers at Motorola Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Penang.   There, circa 1980~84, they developed the first “designed & built in Malaysia” two-way radio, aka, Walkie-Talkie.  The product was launched in 2 tiers, a Low-Tier model HT90 and a High-Tier model HT440.  Both series were identical except for the outer case.  The HT440 had a two-tone casing.

Daily, the R&D engineers would walk up and down, testing out the prototypes by talking (and listening).   Kudos !  Malaysia pasti boleh.  Penang lagi boleh.

Oh, where was I ?   As a process engineer and NPR coordinator supporting the program — cari makan lah !

Beauty And The Brick

In 1984 the once-almighty Motorola launched the world’s first cellular mobile phone, the DynaTAC-8000X.   It was huge by today’s standards and aptly named “the brick phone”.    Some sources said the price then was US$3,995 which would be like US$9,000 today.

To many, it became a status symbol – announcing to the world “I have arrived”.  We had a senior neighbour in our apartment block, whose son bought one for him.  Everyday, he would be seen at the void deck stone table, with The Brick exhibited prominently, attracting the covetous gaze of passers-by.  It added a lot life to his years.

Fast forward 20 years to 2004 – when big M introduced the world’s sleekest and most glamorous flip phone, called Razr V3.    Thanks to the exponential rate of advances in micro-electronics.   It was such an aesthetic and ecstatic fusion of form, and function and visual appeal that I ended up buying 2 of them.