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A-B-C, Itu Semua Lori :)

Has anyone noticed that lorries, and other goods vehicles in Peninsular Malaysia are marked with white letters A, B, or C on a black circular patch ?  And does anyone know the significance or differences among them ?   Perhaps few have noticed.

Long time ago, there were no such markings.  Per my memory, some time in the late 1960s,  the goods transportation industry was up for grabs and a ‘war’ was looming. So the JPJ came up with a system of ABCs.

  • A = for goods vehicles owned by professional haulage companies
  • C = for goods vehicles owned by private business, and allowed to carry only their own goods
  • B = for goods vehicles that may do both

I hardly see any ‘B’ markings these days.  Has this class been obsoleted ?