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Clarity or Vanity ?

Unlike 7-Up, the difference is not so clear

Since young, I had always prided on having perfect eagle-eye vision, that could spot spelling mistakes on a signboard 20 miles down the highway, and see font size #1 used in sneaky Disclaimer Notes on my insurance policies.   The thought of I having to wear ugly spectacles never crossed my mind.

That pride shattered acrimoniously in 1977, when  I started to find difficulty in reading my university lecturers’ writings on the board.  A reluctant visit to an optical shop  confirmed my worst fears — I had developed myopia and,……astigmatism !

That started my financial ruin, as prices of prescription glasses rocketed over the years and,……

…..the distinction between Clarity and Vanity blurred…..as these days I look a lot better with glasses – at least the lovebags under my eyes are not so conspicuous.  Kakaka !