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Winter Serenade – in C Major …

Well, I mean ‘C’ as in ‘ Carbohydrate.

A long time tradition of the Chinese, celebrating the Winter Solstice – around 22 December each year, with this pure Carbo knockout punch, a.k.a ‘tang yuan’ or 汤圆.

In the past, this was an exciting event for kids especially, where family members gathered around the dining table, to make balls of hydrated glutinous rice flour by rolling a lump with their palms.  A certain % of  the balls were colored with red, yellow, green, etc.  (I have not seen blue ones, though).

An important requirement was to make 12 pieces extra large, in white only.  We called these “the mother of balls”.

These rice balls were then boiled in water, and then thrown into a big pot of sugary syrup, ready to be eaten.  Sometimes, brown sugar was used, with some ginger thrown in.