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When Triumph Was All-Masculine

British two-wheelers had a thumping time roaring the highways and byways, before the Japanese overwhelmed the market in the 60s.  Among these was Triumph.  I remember a particular macho model quite well; it had a kind of “wrap-around” sarong-like rear mudguard – as shown in the picture.

A relaive of mine had one of these. It was funny – he had to leap onto the kickstarter and use his whole body weight in order to get the engine started. Always needed a few tries before the beast could finally be aroused from its slumber. But once it fired up, the low-frequency “thump-thump-thump” sound was sure heavy metal music to the ears (mine, at least)

Then vroom-vroom-vroom, off he went, with his wife on his back seat clinging onto him for dear life.

Haiz, nowadays the name Triumph is mostly associated with the feminine form.