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Then You Saw Them, Now You Don’t

Television went full colour in Peninsular Malaysia on December 28, 1978.  But probably for a full year before this greatly anticipated day, TV manufacturers were dressing up in full battle gear, ready to slug it out in the full-chroma goggle box arena.

Besides the well known giants like Philips, Sony, Matsushita, etc, suddenly like toadstools after a downpour, all kinds of names popped out in the ads, each making claims about its unique prowess to titillate your visual senses.

Honestly, for the first year, each time I was lured into sitting before an “idiot box” (as some called it) I was captivated much more by the fascinating colours than by the contents.

Over time, fierce battles in the market place, driven by technology advances and consumer preferences led to the exit and even demise of many of the brands of those days.

Seeing The Big Picture

As CRT Television maxed out in size about 15 years ago (at 33″), manufacturers sought new technologies for larger screens.  One of them was the Rear Projection TV.

However to me, it was at best a desperate attempt to squeeze the last drop of juice from an antiquated set of know-how.  The screens were large, no doubt; with sizes going up to 60 inches diagonal (maybe even larger).   But they were huge boxes.  And the resolution, clarity and contrast were poor, to say the least.   Perhaps there was consolation to the owners who could demonstrably and unmistakably prove to their neighbours and visitors that they were people who could see the big picture….LOL.

I contemplated buying a set before, but the thought of having an Incredible Bulk of a box eating up half my living room was simply unbearable.